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Investments & financing

BB5 invests in early stage companies (pre-seed and seed stage), separately as angel investor as well as together with partners in SPV-structures. Via a separate entity, BB5 packages your debt need into a bankable product and also arranges the partner financing.


BB5 is regularly engaged by funds, investors and companies in a wide spectrum of financings and investments for legal and commercial advisory.

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BB5 provides advice on such matters as investments, capitalisations, leverage finance transactions, real estate financing, investment grade financing, venture debt financing, financial restructuring and insolvency, debt capital market transactions (including bonds) and general banking lending.


With vast experience as a financing and structuring lawyer working with law firms in Stockholm and London, Björn has assisted private equity firms, business angels, banks, funds and high-net-worth individuals in several cutting-edge financings and investments gaining thorough knowledge about, as well as a network within, the market.

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BB5 acts for private equity investors, funds, corporates, growth companies, banks and financial institutions in a wide range of financing transactions and investments, both Swedish and international.

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BB5 sets up and manages investment structures. Investment partners commit to a SPV through an Investment and Shareholders Agreement setting out the details of holdings and the unfettered management of the SPV.

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In co-investments in growth companies BB5 assists the target company to grow and enhance the value of the investment. In addition, other partners of the SPV will contribute with their respective competences and skills.



In debt cases BB5 draws up a bankable package of the requested loan on the borrower's desired terms and assists with the negotiation and origination, either including a digital cloud based smart contract that eliminates burdensome processes and administration, or directly with long form mandate documentation to be incorporated into the relevant lenders favored documentation.

For arrangement of debt and origination, please reach out for further information and discussion.

For entrepreneurs

BB5 currently holds shares in a mix of growth companies in various stages, predominantly still in pre-seed and seed stage (with one exception that is a well-known Swedish unicorn). Though all investment opportunities are evaluated and discussed with co-investors potentially suitable for the relevant investment, BB5 has a preference for companies that try to address at least one of the sustainable development goals on the Agenda 2030.

BB5 as an investor


Adequate Advisor

BB5 adds speed and muscles when it comes to capitalisation and corporate house keeping. BB5 can guide through the legal landscape and contribute with an awareness of upcoming issues, and the prevention of the same. With a thorough network of expertise, BB5 can make sure that the best possible adviser is engaged at the best possible price.


Brilliantly Boxed

Founders often praise the fact that they get one shareholder and one voice – backed by several individuals with different competences – ready to share their knowledge and experience, but only if wanted. Imbedded in this box is also the joint force that is eager to grow the business and enhance the value.


Creatively Compromising

BB5 openly embraces and focuses on the next capitalisation rounds to create value by enhancing the valuations of companies we are invested in. Nonetheless, we do not have a fixed holding period or investment structure and can therefore be flexible and will compromise when needed.


Diligently Delicate

We appreciate that most early-stage investments are difficult to model with accuracy. We are however picky when it comes to team, market and bankability.


Enhancing Entreprenuers

BB5 doesn’t infringe and add extra layers of restraints and control, nor any burdensome administration. Instead, BB5 enhances the entrepreneurship.

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